Interactive Networking Opportunities


The AMA format (a popular question and answer chat popular on the website Reddit) allows attendees to ask the featured guest any question they would like over a short period of time (in this case, 1.5 hours over the lunch hour.)


At CCAW each year, our networking opportunities are highly sought-after, so we have committed to providing similar opportunities online for professionals to network with others in their field. Law enforcement, advocacy, and prosecution Networking Discussion Boards will be open for the duration of the Web Series, June-September. Each board will be monitored by rotating professionals who are former or current CCAW speakers who can jump in and answer questions as needed.


As the name suggests, we will be including a mindfulness moment every Monday within our weekly CCAW e-blast. Attendees will also be able to access Mindfulness Monday content via the Conference Center throughout the week.

The Mindfulness Series might include new or existing blog post on stress management and burnout, links to a live mindfulness webinar, yoga classes, live support sessions, short video of a mindfulness exercise/practice.


In order to address the ever-evolving pandemic situation, CCAW will be providing COVID-19 updates, resources, and suggestions within our weekly Monday emails. As part of these updates, we would like to include some insights from our speakers that will provide insight to how they are addressing COVID-19 at their agencies or helpful practices they have seen in the field.