We are thrilled to announce that the Star Tribune’s Denied Justice team was selected as the recipient of the first ever inaugural Conference on Crimes Against Women’s IGNITE Award, which was presented at the 14th Annual Conference in April in Dallas.

In the past year, issues of violence against women have begun reaching the national stage like never before. In acknowledgment of these varied courageous efforts that are sparking awareness and action across the country, we have created the IGNITE award. In this inaugural year, we are thrilled to spotlight the Denied Justice team for their particularly impressive work in bringing injustice out of the darkness and lighting the fire of change not only in your community, but across the nation.

Over the past year, the Star Tribune has examined more than 1,400 rape and sexual assault case files from the 20 law enforcement agencies across Minnesota that reported the highest number of sexual assault reports to the FBI. Because of their unyielding dedication to bringing this injustice to the light, the Star Tribune team held their systems accountable to ensure these survivors receive justice.

It is difficult to know the countless hours of investigation, fact checking, writing, and production that went into the exhaustive exposé that is Denied Justice. We applaud the Star Tribune’s commitment of time, space and resources. And, we are honored to have the opportunity to recognize Brandon Stahl, MaryJo Webster, Renée Jones Schneider, and Jennifer Bjorhus for holding our systems accountable to ensure survivors of sexual assault receive the justice they deserve.

We hope you will allow us to help spread the word of Denied Justice and begin conversations to ensure victim’s voices are heard and that future sexual assault cases do not fall through the cracks.

On behalf of sexual assault survivors everywhere, we thank the Denied Justice team and the Star Tribune for the difference they are making by igniting awareness and change in a space where it is so desperately needed.

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