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date updated on website edits complete & moved to website word doc nameFirst nameLast organization bioWebsite 31-Jan 12/15/16 Jane Anderson AEquitas AEquitas Attorney Advisor Jane Anderson has served as an Assistant State Attorney and founding member of the Miami-Dade State Attorneys Human Trafficking Unit and Task Force. She also built a coalition of service providers and community leaders to provide victims with the services necessary to help rebuild their lives and assist in the prosecutions of their traffickers. Prior to focusing on human trafficking prosecutions, Jane served as the Chief of Litigation for the Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Unit. She also held several supervisory positions where she oversaw the prosecutions of domestic violence, stalking, human trafficking, and other felony-level crimes. too long, would not let me submit 11/21/16 Peter Angell FBI Miami - Palm Beach County Resident Agency Peter Angell has worked as a Special Agent in the New York, El Paso, and Miami Divisions of the FBI for the past 12 years and is currently assigned to the Palm Beach County Resident Agency of the Miami Division. SA Angell has worked violent crime and civil rights investigations for the last six years, with a focus on human trafficking and sex trafficking of children cases. SA Angell's investigative contributions to El Paso Division's human trafficking program helped to establish El Paso as one of six pilot sites chosen for an Anti-Trafficking Coordination Team (ACTeam), which is led by the U.S. Attorney's Office as part of a nationwide Human Trafficking Enhanced Enforcement Initiative designed to better coordinate federal criminal investigations and prosecutions of human trafficking offenses. 31-Jan 1/12/17 Naomi Azar The Trauma Center, Project REACH Naomi Azar is a postdoctoral fellow in clinical psychology at the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute, one of the nation's leading agencies in the study and treatment of the psychological impact of exposure to trauma. She is a clinician with Project REACH, a program that serves victims of human trafficking throughout the United States. In her work with Project REACH, she offers short-term assessment and mental health services to survivors of sex and labor trafficking, including foreign-born and domestic survivors of all ages. She also offers training and consultation to anti-trafficking professionals throughout the U.S. Internationally, Dr. Azar has worked with CARE International and Save the Children, evaluating the impact of an intervention designed to address the needs of vulnerable children living in poverty. 31-Jan 12/1/16 Kim Basinger S.A.F.E. Solutions Kim Basinger has been a Master Certified Peace Officer since 1996 and is currently commissioned with the Franklin County Sheriff Department. She has been a Registered Nurse since 1988 and certified as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (S.A.N.E.) for adults and children for 20 years. She is a contract trainer for the Office of the Attorney General SANE Training and SAFVIC for Law Enforcement Education, Advance Child Abuse Investigations, and Human Trafficking. Kim is also a Diplomat of the American Board of Forensic Nurses, American Board of Law Enforcement Experts, Fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners International, Certified Forensic Nurse, and Certified Forensic Consultant. 31-Jan 12/1/16 Margaret Bassett The Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Margaret Bassett is the Deputy Director and Director of Expert Witness Program at the Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault (IDVSA) at The University of Texas at Austin. She consults and trains on the use of expert witnesses in cases involving interpersonal crimes. She has worked in the field of domestic violence and sexual assault for more than 30 years in a variety of settings, most recently in the criminal justice system working with victims of intimate partner violence felony crimes. She testifies as an expert witness in criminal/civil court cases and teaches a graduate course on domestic violence. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Rebecca Bender Rebecca Bender Initiative Rebecca Bender is a nationally recognized and awarded leader in the effort to eradicate modern day slavery. After escaping nearly six years of exploitation, Rebecca emerged, wrote a book, and developed the first online program for survivors. Using her own experiences and case examples, her organization, Rebecca Bender Initiative, also created some of the most advanced trainings offered nationally. RBI assists in the escape of victims, equips first responders on how to identify exploitation and builds cases, and elevates survivors to dream again and create steps to get there. She is co-chair of DOJ Human Trafficking Advisory Council, a member of the Survivor Leader Institute, and a part of Multnomah County CEASE Task Force. 31-Jan 12/1/16 Bill Bernstein Mosaic Family Services Bill Bernstein is Deputy Director of Mosaic Family Services, an agency serving those who suffered human rights abuses such as human trafficking and domestic violence. He founded the Multicultural Family Violence Intervention program and the Services for Trafficked Persons program, as well as the legal services and counseling programs. Bill directs the program serving survivors of human trafficking, which has worked with over 500 trafficked persons. Bill is a founding member of the North Texas Anti-Trafficking Team, consisting of federal and local law enforcement, prosecutors and social service providers. Bill served as co-chair of Freedom Network USA for seven years. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Misty Biddick Bell/Lampasas Counties Community Supervision and Corrections Department Misty is the Family Violence Specialized Caseload Officer for the Bell/Lampasas Counties Community Supervision and Corrections Department. She is also an instructor at the Central Texas College Police Academy and an adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice at Central Texas College. She was the crime victim's coordinator for the Coryell County District Attorney's Office in Gatesville, Texas after serving six years in the U.S. Army. Ms. Biddick established the first family violence specialized caseload in Bell County and she is a member of the Bell County Crime Victims Coalition and an executive committee member of the Central Texas Family Violence Task Force aand the Central Texas Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking RoundTable. 31-Jan 1/23/17 Brandon Birmingham 292nd Judicial District Court In addition to presiding over a felony trial court, Judge Birmingham oversees the Domestic Violence High Risk Offenders Program in Dallas County. Prior to taking the bench, he was a Chief Felony Prosecutor and Chief of the Cold Case Unit for the Dallas County District Attorney's Office. He is a national and statewide lecturer, aspiring guitarist, and future point guard for the Dallas Mavericks. 10-Feb 2/10/17 Bronwyn Blake Texas Advocacy Project Bronwyn Blake is the Legal Director of the Texas Advocacy Project and the Founder of their Teen Justice Initiative, a program that advocates for teen victims of dating violence. Ms. Blake was awarded the first UT Faculty Fellowship in Public Interest Law from the William Wayne Justice Center to start this valuable work. She has been featured on America’s Most Wanted and Court TV as an expert on this issue and has previously clerked at the Family Justice Division of the Travis County DA’s Office and at Break the Cycle, a nonprofit in D.C. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Barbie Brashear Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council Barbie Brashear is the Executive Director of the Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council, a non-profit organization that coordinates a community response to domestic violence in Harris County, Texas. She has worked in the domestic violence field for over 21 years providing direct services to victims, managing programs, and working at the macro-level to create systemic change. She has provided professional domestic violence training and mentoring across the state of Texas for over 10 years and is a certified Touchpoints Trainer for the Brazelton Touchpoints Center. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Jessica Brazeal Genesis Women's Shelter & Support Jessica Brazeal is the Director of Clinical & Professional Services at Genesis Women's Shelter & Support. She has been at Genesis for 6 years. She was a Women and Children's Therapist and an Assistant Clinical Director before becoming Clinical Director. Jessica is EMDR Certified through the EMDR International Association in the use of EMDR, a therapy model specifically tailored to treat trauma. Most recently, Jessica has created The Faith Initiative and the Faith Community Council as a formal response to provide education and training on how to respond to domestic violence within the context of faith communities. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Joshua Brown Fort Bend Women's Center Joshua Brown currently serves as the Neurofeedback Mentor/Trainer for the Fort Bend County Women's Center Traumatic Brain Injury Program. Previously, he served as the Chief Operating Officer for Southwest Health Technology Foundation, an organization with the mission of researching and propagating alternative healthcare techniques. Josh is board certified in neurofeedback by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance. Josh's passion is assisting individuals while finding innovative ways to develop self-sustaining programs. He currently serves on the board of the Foundation for Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation Research. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Becky Bullard CSelf-Employed Becky Owens Bullard is a national consultant on human trafficking, domestic and sexual violence, and multi-disciplinary collaboration. Ms. Bullard has trained thousands of individuals and is a consultant for the Office for Victims of Crime. Ms. Bullard currently manages high-risk domestic violence prevention efforts for the Nashville Office of Family Safety. She also created and directed the Denver Anti-Trafficking Alliance and worked on Polaris' national human trafficking hotline. Ms. Bullard has developed numerous protocols, trainings, and educational tools, such as the Human Trafficking Power and Control Wheel. She has held multiple collaborative leadership positions and is a published author and blogger. 31-Jan 1/23/17 Noël Busch-Armendariz The University of Texas at Austin Noël Busch-Armendariz is the Associate Vice President for Research, the Director of the Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, and a University Presidential Professor in the School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Austin. She is a nationally recognized expert in domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking and testifies nationally as an expert witness. Dr. Busch-Armendariz has worked as an advocate, support group leader, and program director, and serves on the board of directors of Safe Alliance. In 1986, she began working with refugees and immigrants and served as principal investigator of the Green Leaf Project. She is the author of the first textbook in the United States on Human Trafficking, to be released Spring 2017. 31-Jan 12/1/16 Jeff Case 46th Judicial District Attorney's Office Jeff Case is the chief investigator for the 46th Judicial District Attorney. His duties include the investigation and preparation of all felony cases within Wilbarger, Hardeman, and Foard counties. Case has investigated numerous violent crimes, including family violence homicides. He previously served as chief deputy of the Wilbarger County Sheriff's Office. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Judy Cervenka Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office/Gus George Law Enforcement Academy Sgt. Cervenka is responsible for training academy recruits, seasoned veterans, correction officers and telecommunication officers. As a police academy instructor, she provides instruction in subjects such TCIC/Ncic, TLETS/Nlets, Interpersonal Communications, Active Shooter, Crisis Communication, Communications Training Officers, Cultural Diversity, Stress Management, Hostage Negotiations, Missing Children SAFVIC for PO and TCP, Suicide Intervention, Customer Service as well as hands-on applications including firearms, defensive tactics, CPR/first aid and emergency vehicle operations. She currently holds a Master Peace Officer, Master Telecommunicator and an Advanced TCOLE Instructor certification. 31-Jan 1/12/17 Kristine Chapman Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence Kristine Chapman is a Manager for the National Lethality Assessment Program at the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence. Her role provides LAP training and technical assistance to law enforcement agencies and domestic violence programs. Her career has focused on crisis intervention and communication, including seven years as a 911 operator and dispatcher in Lawrence, Kansas, five years at Headquarters Counseling Center (Kansas' suicide prevention lifeline center), and three years as the Director of Community Engagement at The Willow Domestic Violence Center. 31-Jan 12/22/16 Rebekah Charleston Rebekah Speaks Out Rebekah Charleston was trafficked on the streets of Dallas at the age of 17. After ten years of modern day slavery, she found the courage to escape. A short time into her recovery, Rebekah learned about the force, fraud, and coercion used keep her quiet. She has spoken at several conferences, and her work and contributions to making the world a better place has been featured in multiple outlets, including Fort Worth Texas Magazine. She has partnered with CEASE, Homeland Security, local police departments and FBI, which earned her the 2016 Unlikely Hero award. She has mentored youth at Freedom Place in Houston and We Are Cherished in Dallas. 31-Jan 1/6/17 Dean Chatfield SEARCH Dean Chatfield is a High-Tech Crime Training Specialist in the High-Tech Crime Training Services department of SEARCH. He provides training on digital evidence investigations and forensics, conducts research on new tools and techniques, and provides technical assistance to justice agencies. Before joining SEARCH in 2013, Mr. Chatfield was an active law enforcement officer for 25 years. He also worked for the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) for 14 years. He is past president and Lifetime member of IACIS, and currently serves on the board of directors for ASDFED. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Kara Comte Brazos County District Attorney's Office Kara has been a prosecutor for 12 years and has spent her entire career prosecuting in the Brazos County District Attorney's Office. She is currently the trial chief for the 272nd District Court. Kara has prosecuted hundreds of felony cases, including numerous child sexual abuse cases. She provides training for the Central Texas Police Academy at TEEX as well as training for new volunteers and staff at the Sexual Assault Resource Center of the Brazos Valley. She serves on the Brazos County Sexual Assault Response Team as well as the Child Advocacy Center Multidisciplinary Task Force. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Allyson Cordoni SART of Comal County, SOW Healthy Coalition Allyson Cordoni, RN, APRN, SANE-A, SANE-P, is the Clinical Coordinator for the SART of Comal County in New Braunfels, TX and provides forensic examinations for victims of abuse in San Marcos and Austin. Ms Cordoni has over 16 years of experience in the area of child abuse/neglect as well as adult sexual abuse examining thousands of children and adults. She has written and implemented Sexual Assault policies for the U.S. Army as a member of the MEDCOM task force, authored the Shaken Baby bill for the State of Hawaii and several peer-reviewed articles, presented at numerous International, National and local conferences, participated in numerous MDT boards, and conducted trainings on sexual assault throughout the world. too long, would not let me submit 11/21/16 Michael Crumrine Austin Police Department Michael Crumrine is a Detective with the Austin Texas Police Department and has over twenty eight years of law enforcement experience. He is currently assigned to the Homicide Unit and responsible for investigating all manner of deaths, including homicides, suicides, accidental and natural deaths. Before being assigned to the Homicide Unit, Detective Crumrine was assigned to the Sex Offender Apprehension and Registration Unit, (SOAR). This unit took a proactive approach in monitoring and holding sex offenders accountable. He investigated serial offenders, child predators, serial rapist and recidivists. Detective Crumrine began his investigative career in the adult Sex Crimes Unit. His investigations included non-stranger and stranger sexual assault cases, serial cases, alcohol & drug facilitated cases, investigations involving same sex victims, and sexual assault cases that stemmed from intimate partner violence relationships. His experience as a law enforcement officer spans violent crimes investigations, patrol, DWI investigations, community policing, hostage negotiations, crowd management, and major traffic investigations. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Tonia Cunningham Frisco, Texas Police Department Tonia Cunningham joined the Frisco Police Department in 2000 as their full-time Victim Advocate. She was named Victim Assistance and Grants Administrator in 2011. Tonia dedicates her time to assisting victims of all forms of crimes, but focuses the majority of her outreach work on creating change for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Ms. Cunningham is a member of the Collin County Council on Family Violence, serving as the Chair of the Membership Committee. She also serves on the Texas Health Presbyterian Community Health Council and the Collin County Crime Victim Council. 31-Jan 12/22/16 Maureen Curtis Safe Horizon Maureen Curtis is responsible for the development and oversight of Safe Horizon's Criminal Justice Programs. She has worked more than 30 years in the field of victimization and has extensive knowledge of victims' rights within the criminal justice and housing systems. Her work with senior level staff in the NYPD and New York City Housing Authority has led to changes in policies that impact victims citywide. Ms. Curtis has designed and provided training for law enforcement and community members on the topics of victim safety, offender accountability, housing options, and the criminal justice response to domestic violence. 31-Jan 12/1/16 Leighton D'Antoni Dallas County District Attorney's Office Leighton D'Antoni has been an Assistant District Attorney for the Dallas DA's Office for over 4 years. He has spent the last 2 years in the Sexual Assault Division where he specializes in Cold Case Sexual Assaults, Sexual Assault Homicides and Serial Rapists. Leighton is the lead trial attorney under the DA's Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Grant. Prior to joining the Dallas DA's Office, Leighton spent 6 years in San Diego, CA as a Deputy Public Defender. During his career as both prosecutor and defense attorney, Leighton has developed an exceptional talent for trial advocacy with over 100 jury trials. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Keri Darling Deaf Vermonters Advocacy Services (DVAS) Keri Darling founded and serves as the Director of Deaf Vermonters Advocacy Services (DVAS) which serves Deaf, hard of hearing, late deafened, and deaf-blind victims of crimes in the state of Vermont. In 2001, DVAS was recognized by the Vermont Crime Victim's Rights week for providing exceptional help to service providers with trainings on how to communicate and serve Deaf victims better. Keri has extensive experience in developing outstanding training curricula that reflect best practices when serving deaf or hard-of-hearing victims. She has experience delivering hundreds of trainings on a national, state and local level, developing communication cards, developing needs assessments, providing technical assistance for specialized program development, and participating in CCR teams sharing her Deaf perspective. 31-Jan 1/12/17 Brandy Davis University of Texas at Dallas Brandy Davis is the Director of Title IX Initiatives at the University of Texas at Dallas. In her role, she serves as Deputy Title IX Coordinator and lead investigator in the university's Title IX investigations. Previously, Davis was a private-practice attorney with a practice focusing on representation of school districts and colleges throughout North Texas. Davis also taught a graduate course on higher education law at the University of North Texas. 31-Jan 1/12/17 John Day United States Secret Service John Day is a Senior Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service and is currently assigned as the group leader for the North Texas Electronic Crimes Task Force forensic lab at the Dallas Field Office. John has conducted hundreds of device examinations, testified in federal and state courts, and assisted in various investigations ranging from homicides and sexual assaults to child exploitation. 31-Jan 12/1/16 Christi Decoufle FBI Human Trafficking Task Force & Phoenix Police Department Christi Decoufle has been an Officer with the Phoenix Police Department for 16 years and a Detective in the Vice Enforcement Unit for 11 years. Detective Decoufle is a subject matter expert in the area of Domestic Sex Trafficking and often testifies as an expert witness in both state and federal court. She is a member of the FBI's Human Trafficking Task Force and has extensive training in forensic interviewing, online investigations and working with victims of sex trafficking. Christi often travels around the country training law enforcement, attorneys, judges, therapists, social workers and educational institutions on the topic of Sex Trafficking. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Sarah Deer Mitchell Hamline School of Law Sarah Deer (Mvskoke) has worked to end violence against women for over 20 years. She began as a volunteer rape victim advocate as an undergraduate. She is currently a Professor at Mitchell Hamline School of Law in Minnesota. Her scholarship focuses on the intersection of federal Indian law and victims' rights. Deer is a co-author of three textbooks on tribal law. She has received national recognition for her work on violence against Native women and was a primary consultant for Amnesty International's Maze of Injustice campaign. She is the recipient of a 2014 MacArthur Fellowship. 31-Jan 12/1/16 Amy Derrick Dallas County District Attorney's Office Amy Derrick is the Chief of the Sexual Assault Unit at the Dallas County District Attorney's Office. She has been with the Dallas DA's office for over 12 years and has spent over 9 of those years prosecuting sexual assault cases exclusively. Amy is a frequent trainer and presenter for law enforcement, Child Protective Services, SANE programs and for other prosecutors. too long, would not let me submit 11/21/16 Kelly Dunne Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center, Inc. Kelly Dunne, Chief of Operations of the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center in Massachusetts, has focused her work on analyzing the response systems created to protect victims and hold offenders accountable. In 2002, after a tragic domestic violence homicide/suicide of one of her clients, Kelly created the nationally acclaimed Domestic Violence High Risk Team Model (DVHRT). The DVHRT model has received the Mary Byron Celebrating Solutions Award, the National Network to End Domestic Violence Spirit of Advocacy Award, and was highlighted as a promising practice in Vice President Biden's speech marking Domestic Violence Awareness Month in 2010. The model has been replicated in 25 communities across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in several other states. Kelly provides national technical assistance and training to communities to replicate the DVHRT. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Amanda Elkanick Texas Advocacy Project Amanda Elkanick is currently the victim services specialist with Texas Advocacy Project. Ms. Elkanick has been involved in the movement for the past 10 years in varying roles. She has worked as a shelter advocate, program director and policy analyst over the years. Because of the various positions she has held, she brings an invaluable perspective to her work on a statewide level. She has served on many different task forces, community planning groups, and committees that are centered on ending intimate partner violence. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Timothy Ellenberger High Point Police Department Captain Tim Ellenberger has served with the High Point Police Department since 1992. Throughout his career he has worked in the Patrol Division, Narcotics Unit, Street Crimes Unit, and Tactical Team. He has also served as a Lieutenant in the Patrol Division, Training Division, Street Crimes Unit and the Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police. Ellenberger has served as a Captain on Patrol and in the Major Crimes Prevention and Deterrence Section. He has worked on the implementation of various Focused Deterrence Strategies. The most recent strategy Ellenberger has worked on is the Offender Focused Domestic Violence Initiative. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Sharon Ellis Davis McCormick Theological Seminary Rev. Dr. Sharon Ellis Davis is a United Church of Christ Pastor and a Retired 31 year veteran Police Officer of the Chicago Police Department, where she also served as their full time Police Chaplain. As a seminary Professor, Dr. Ellis Davis teaches courses such as Pastoral Care in Times of Crisis; Pastoral Care in the African American Community; Christian Ethics; Sexual and Domestic Violence; and Mass Incarceration and the Criminal Justice System. She is the author of African American Battered Women: A Study of Gender Entrapment. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Brian Erskine Hays County District Attorney's Office Brian Erskine serves as an Assistant District Attorney for Hays County in San Marcos, Texas. As Chief of their Family Justice Division, he is involved in the prosecution of physical and sexual abuse of adults and children and is a current board member of his local Domestic and Children's Advocacy Center. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Jessica Escue Brazos County District Attorney's Office Jessica has been an Assistant District Attorney with the Brazos County District Attorney's Office since 2007 and currently serves the office as the chief of the Family Violence Unit. During her career, she has prosecuted hundreds of cases with a special passion for cases involving domestic violence, stalking, and sexual assault. Jessica teaches law enforcement agencies, medical professionals, prosecutors and community groups throughout Texas about the role of the District Attorney's Office and how to better prosecute domestic violence and sexual assault cases. She is the project coordinator for the Lethality Assessment Program that is currently being implemented in Brazos County. 31-Jan 1/6/17 Justin Fitzsimmons SEARCH Justin Fitzsimmons is a Program Manager in the High-Tech Crime Training Services department of SEARCH. He helps coordinate a national program that provides expert technical assistance and training to local, state, and federal justice and public safety agencies on the role that digital evidence plays in criminal investigations. Mr. Fitzsimmons is a national expert the areas of technology-facilitated exploitation of children and domestic minor sex trafficking. He frequently presents and teaches at international, national, and regional conferences, workshops, webinars, and training courses on digital evidence collection, computer forensics, crimes against children, cybercrime, and human trafficking. He has published articles on digital evidence authentication, computer forensics for prosecutors, child sexual exploitation, and more. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Lisa Fontes University of Massachusetts Amherst Lisa Aronson Fontes has dedicated two decades to making the mental health, social service, and criminal justice systems more responsive to culturally diverse people. She is the author of several books: Invisible Chains: Overcoming Coercive Control in Your Intimate Relationship, Interviewing Clients Across Cultures, and Child Abuse and Culture. She has written numerous journal articles and chapters on child maltreatment and violence against women. She is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Massachusetts. She has worked as a psychotherapist, and has conducted research with diverse people in the U.S. and Latin America. Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, she is a popular conference speaker and workshop facilitator. Dr. Fontes has volunteered with Somali refugees and homeless children. 10-Feb 2/10/17 Bryan Franke 2C Solutions Bryan Franke is the founder of 2C Solutions, LLC and a police detective assigned to the Cyber Crimes Unit, responsible for investigating all types of cyber crime and performing forensic examination of computers, portable storage devices, cell/smart phones, and GPS devices. He is a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE) through the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) and a certified Field Search Instructor through KB Solutions. Detective Franke has testified as an expert witness in the area of computer, cell phone and GPS forensics. He has provided training to agencies/organizations throughout the United States, as well as personnel from other countries, in the area of digital evidence and criminal investigations. too long, would not let me submit 11/21/16 Patricia Freshwater Schwamkrug, Freshwater & Lopez, PLLC Patricia is an attorney and partner with Schwamkrug, Freshwater & Lopez, PLLC, a law firm providing a full range of legal advice and representation to immigrants. Her practice areas include: family based visa petitions, naturalization and citizenship, deportation and removal defense in the Dallas Immigration Court, appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, asylum, special immigrant juvenile status, waivers, Violence Against Women Act and U visa cases for victims of crimes, employment visas, and deferred action cases. Patricia has provided CLE training on immigration law for attorneys and advocates through the Dallas Hispanic Bar Association, Genesis Women's Shelter, the Latinos Against Domestic Violence Conference, the Conference on Crimes Against Women, and the Dallas Bar Association. Texas Monthly Magazine named her Rising Star Super Lawyer in 2014, 2015, 2016, and for the forthcoming 2017 publication. 2/1/17 Michele Galietta John Jay College of Criminal Justice Dr. Michele Galietta is Associate Professor of Psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. Dr. Galietta is a researcher and clinician specializing in the adaptation and dissemination of empirically-supported treatments. For the last decade, she has been studying stalking and interpersonal violence. She has worked with victims of political torture and oppression. Dr. Galietta is well known for being able to simply translate complex principles to clinicians, officers, and line staff. She has trained NYC Police Officers on communicating with mentally ill individuals and hostage negotiations. Dr. Galietta has appeared on CNN and Court TV, and has been cited in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time Magazine, and other media outlets. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Kathleen Gann Texas Health Resources Kat Gann has 22 years of sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE)/forensic nursing experience to include more than 1,500 completed sexual assault medical forensic examinations, providing fact and expert witness testimony numerous times in the past 19 years, and continuing to be a nurse educator (didactic and clinical) with a focus on forensic nursing. Kat has worked as a SANE Coordinator for two SANE Programs (Austin, TX and Washington, DC), as the SANE Program Administrator for the Texas Office of the Attorney General from 2010-2015, and is currently the Director of the System SANE Program at Texas Health Resources in North Texas. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Gretta Gardner DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence Gretta Gardner is the Policy Director for the DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Ujima, Inc.: The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence in the Black Community. Her career as a legal advisor for survivors of domestic violence was inspired by her work as a prosecutor in the Domestic Violence Unit in Baltimore City. She has worked for nearly two decades to help shape guidelines, policies, and procedures that communities can use to end violence against women. 31-Jan 12/22/16 James Granucci CORA (Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse) After 40 years in law enforcement, Jim Granucci retired as Police Chief in San Carlos, California. His "retirement" included seven years as the Director of San Mateo County's Forensic Laboratory. He now serves as a domestic violence advocate for CORA (Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse) where he is the liaison with law enforcement, providing training for police officers and solving problems domestic violence victims encounter with police departments. During his career, he graduated from the FBI National Academy and California POST Command College. He now teaches in the POST Basic Police Academy. 31-Jan 1/23/17 Ashley Griffin The University of Texas System Office of the Director of Police Ashley Griffin, Police Inspector II and Training Coordinator at The University of Texas System, Office of the Director of Police, teaches the Crisis Intervention Training at the UT System Academy and the Mental Health Officer course at UT-Austin annually. She has also taught multi-disciplinary audiences on trauma-informed law enforcement responses to campus sexual assault. She chaired a committee to develop a TCOLE course curriculum involving acquired and traumatic brain injuries, trauma affected Veterans and de-escalation. She has been an officer at Indiana University and a patrol sergeant at UT-Austin. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Brooke Grona-Robb Dallas County District Attorney's Office Brooke Grona-Robb is the Deputy Chief of the Organized Crime Division in Dallas County, supervising and prosecuting Human Trafficking and Internet Crimes Against Children cases. Mrs. Grona-Robb has been an Assistant District Attorney for 15 years. She has served in a variety of prosecution positions, but has been involved with the HT-ICAC unit for over ten years. Mrs. Grona-Robb has a published article entitled "Prosecuting Human Trafficking Cases" for the Texas District and County Attorney Association's journal The Prosecutor.She has presented at a number of national conferences, including Crimes Against Children, Crimes Against Women, JuST Conference 2015, and the National Law Enforcement Training on Child Exploitation. 31-Jan 12/1/16 Ruth Guerreiro Genesis Women's Shelter & Support Ruth is an Assistant Director of Clinical & Professional Services at Genesis Women's Shelter & Support and has been providing counseling services since 2004. Ruth's expertise is in trauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD, attachment, domestic violence, and parenting. She has provided individual and group therapy in both English and Spanish to women and children at Genesis for four years. 31-Jan 12/15/16 Maya Gupta National Link Coalition Dr. Maya Gupta's interests focus on improving coordinated community response through understanding the links between animal cruelty and domestic violence. She held previous roles as Executive Director of the Animals & Society Institute and as Executive Director of the Ahimsa House domestic violence safe haven program for animals. She has served on the Board of the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and was named Task Force Member of the Year by the Georgia Commission on Family Violence. Dr. Gupta also serves with the National Link Coalition, Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, APA's Section on Human-Animal Interaction, and as adjunct faculty at Canisius College and the University of Florida. 31-Jan 12/1/16 Casey Gwinn Alliance for HOPE International Casey Gwinn is the President and Co-Founder of Alliance for HOPE International. Casey is also the visionary behind the Family Justice Center Movement. He is a national expert on domestic violence, including prosecution, strangulation, and best practices, and has authored nine books on domestic violence and the FJC movement. Prior to this position, Casey was the elected San Diego City Attorney. Casey founded his passion project, Camp HOPE America, at the San Diego FJC, and it is now expanding across the nation. Camp HOPE America is the first specialized camp in the country focused exclusively on children exposed to domestic violence and child abuse. 31-Jan 12/1/16 Todd Haecker Dallas Police Department Detective Haecker has been with the Dallas Police Department since 2001. He has been assigned to the Crimes Against Persons Division since 2010 and has conducted investigations on a wide variety of criminal offenses. He is currently assigned to the Sexual Assault Unit where he investigates offenses involving Indecent Exposure, Improper Photography, Stalking, and Sexual Assault. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Matt Hagan Marion County Sheriff's Office (Oregon) Detective Matt Hagan is an 18 year veteran of law enforcement and works for the Marion County (Oregon) Sheriff's Office. He is currently assigned to the Criminal Investigations Unit as a general case detective. On top of his regular duties, he has been a member of the MCSO Domestic Violence Team since 2011 and has completed the Department of Homeland Security Domestic Violence Investigations Instructor Course. He is also a member of the MCSO Peer Support Team. He is a Stress First Aid Train-The -Trainer Instructor. He has presented classes around Oregon on Domestic Violence Investigations and Emotional Survival. Detective Hagan is also an adjunct instructor at Chemeketa Community College in the Law Enforcement program. 31-Jan 1/23/17 Melissa Hamilton University of Houston Law Center Melissa Hamilton is a Visiting Criminal Law Scholar at the University of Houston Law Center. Dr. Hamilton is the author of the book Expert Witness Testimony on Domestic Violence and has been part of the Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault team for a decade, training experts, attorneys, and police officers on issues regarding perpetration and victimization. She has published numerous articles in law reviews and scientific journals on a variety of topics. Main areas of research interest are in interpersonal violence, trauma responses in victims of assault, risk assessment practices, policing, and sentencing. 2/1/17 Melissa Hamilton University of Houston Law Center Melissa Hamilton is a Visiting Criminal Law Scholar at the University of Houston Law Center. Dr. Hamilton is the author of the book Expert Witness Testimony on Domestic Violence and has been part of the Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault team for a decade, training experts, attorneys, and police officers on issues regarding perpetration and victimization. She has published numerous articles in law reviews and scientific journals on a variety of topics. Her main areas of research interest are in interpersonal violence, trauma responses in victims of assault, risk assessment practices, policing, and sentencing. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Frederick Harris Killeen Police Department Frederick Harris is currently assigned as a homicide police detective at the Killeen Police Department. In addition, he has been responsible for investigating crimes specifically related to homicide and physical/sexual abuse of adults. He is a certified forensic hypnotist in the State of Texas and has assisted witnesses and victims recall vital information resulting in arrests of suspects. Frederick has been an expert witness for a number of prosecutors. He continues to instruct law enforcement classes for police officers and civilians and has lectured at various seminars throughout the country. Detective Harris is an adjunct professor at American Military criminal justice classes on sexual violence, corrections and police stress. 2/3/17 Rebecca Thomforde Hauser Center for Court Innovation Ms. Thomforde Hauser is the Associate Director of Domestic Violence at the Center for Court Innovation in New York, NY. As the Associate Director, Ms. Thomforde Hauser assists jurisdictions nationally to plan and implement, Domestic Violence, Integrated Domestic Violence, and Youthful Offender Domestic Violence Courts. At the Center, Ms. Thomforde Hauser provides training to judges and court stakeholders on a variety of domestic violence issues, has created domestic violence risk factor guides for civil courts and self-represented litigants; facilitates site visits to model courts, and provides on-going technical assistance to courts and stakeholder agencies. 31-Jan 12/1/16 Staley Heatly 46th Judicial District of Texas Staley Heatly has served as District Attorney for the 46th District since 2006. In 2013, he founded Texoma Alliance to Stop Abuse, a non-profit that operates a battering intervention program. In 2014, at the invitation of the US Embassy, he traveled through Ecuador for two weeks to raise awareness about family violence. In 2016, Staley was a visiting scholar at the Institute of Criminology at the University of Cambridge where he examined the English response to family violence. He has written several articles for The Texas Prosecutor Magazine, including articles on the efficacy of police body worn cameras and the effects of trauma on victims of sexual assault and family violence. 31-Jan 2/1/17 Jim Henderson Battered Women's Justice Project Jim Henderson has bee a technical assistance provider for the USDOJ Office on Violence against Women through the Battered Women’s Justice Project since 2008. From 1991-2008, Jim was a probation officer responsible for overseeing the policies and practices of Intensive Probation for Stalking and Domestic Violence offenders in Ann Arbor, MI. He was assigned to the Washtenaw County Domestic Violence Unit as part of the Judicial Oversight Demonstration Initiative from 1999-2005. He has provided batterer intervention within the Detroit metropolitan area since 1995. Before joining the criminal justice system in 1991, he worked as the clinical director of Straight, Inc., a family oriented substance abuse program for drug using young people and their families. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Curtis Howard Legal Adviser, Plano Police Dept. Curtis Howard has been the Senior Legal Advisor for the City of Plano Police Department since 2011. He is responsible for providing a wide range of legal advice on matters involving criminal law to the Department's officers, detectives, and executive team. He is involved in training the Department's personnel on issues such as search and seizure, officer liability, racial profiling, courtroom demeanor, and legal updates. After graduating from South Texas College of Law in Houston in 1997 with his Juris Doctor, he worked as an assistant district attorney for the Collin County Criminal District Attorney's Office. He spent fourteen years as a felony chief specializing in cases involving the sexual and physical abuse of children. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Kristen Howell Dallas Children's Advocacy Center Kristen Howell has worked in the field of social work and family violence for the last 20 years. She is currently the Chief Programs Officer at Dallas Children's Advocacy Center, one of the nation's largest advocacy centers. She oversees all of the direct service programs at the Advocacy Center, including the Forensic Services team, the Clinical Services team, the Family Advocate team, the Parent Program team, and the Research Institute. Kristen worked for three years at Momentous Institute as Director of Development and for 10 years at Genesis Women's Shelter as Clinical Director and Director of Development. Kristen trains and speaks nationally on the impact of violence and trauma on families. 31-Jan 12/15/16 Anne Jackson Bell County District Attorney's Office Anne began working in the Bell County District Attorney's Office in February 2013, where she specialized in family violence. Anne has presented lectures about the intersection and interaction of military and civilian jurisdictions at Texas Council on Family Violence Judicial Summits and for the Texas District and County Attorney's Association. Anne has also spoken to a variety of groups in Bell County and Ft. Hood, Texas, about a multi-disciplinary response to family violence, and about "PTSD and Domestic Violence in Military Families" in Texas, Virginia, Washington, and California. 31-Jan 12/15/16 Michael Jackson Bell County Veterans Treatment Court Lt. Col. Michael L. Jackson, Jr. is a 22-year United States Air Force veteran. He is a graduate of the Air Force Academy and Senior Pilot with over 2000 flight hours. Mr. Jackson has had three combat tours and has held the position of aircraft commander, instructor and evaluator pilot, flight commander, director of operations, director of staff, and squadron commander. Mr. Jackson is now a Certified Peer Support Specialist and Peer Group Facilitator. He is active in numerous Veteran Service Organizations and is the Volunteer Veteran Mentor Coordinator for the Bell County Veterans Treatment Court. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Amy Jones Genesis Women's Shelter & Support Amy Jones has worked extensively with survivors of interpersonal violence. She has acted as a Therapist, Advocate, Clinical Director and interim Executive Director with the Turning Point Rape Crisis Center; served as the Program Manager for the Salvation Army's Domestic Violence Program; and now serves in the role of Senior Director of Programs & Client Services at Genesis Women's Shelter & Support in Dallas, Texas. Her professional focus for the past 15 years has been to support survivors and act as an advocate in the movement to end violence against women. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Rebecca Kaplan It's On Us Rebecca Kaplan is the Director of It's On Us, a national campaign to change the culture around sexual assault. In her role as Director, Rebecca manages the campaign's 95 partnerships, donated media placements, creative content, and campaign programs. Prior to serving as Director, Rebecca served as Deputy Director and Partnerships Manager of It's On Us. Rebecca previously worked at Generation Progress at the Center for American Progress. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Tovah Kasdin Charles E. Smith Life Communities Tovah Kasdin is the director of the ElderSAFE Center at Charles E. Smith Life Communities, the first shelter of its kind for abused older adults in the Washington, DC metro region. Tovah formerly served as a domestic violence prosecutor with the Montgomery County State's Attorney's Office. She has testified on domestic violence policy and has provided consultation to the World Bank Group, International Monetary Fund, and the Inter-American Development Bank on best practices for domestic violence prevention and response. She is on the board of the Legal Resource Center on Violence Against Women and past president and currently on the board of the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence. 31-Jan 1/23/17 David Keck Battered Women's Justice Project David Keck is the Director of the National Domestic Violence and Firearms Resource Center at BWJP. Previously, he served for 13 years as a Trial Attorney in the Oshkosh Office of the Wisconsin State Public Defender, then for ten years as a Circuit Court Commissioner for Winnebago County, Wisconsin, presiding over hearings in restraining orders, family court proceedings, and small claims civil cases. 31-Jan 1/6/17 Brian Killacky Amber Alert Technical Assistance For eight years, Brian was a Detective in two separate violent crimes and homicide units within Chicago Police Department for eight years and a Detective in the CPD Cold Case Unit for four years. After 25 years of service with Chicago, Brian transferred to the Investigations Bureau of the Cook County Prosecutors Office where he was an investigator and sergeant in the complex homicide and cold case homicide units for 13 years. Brian is a SME in unresolved homicide, unidentified human remains, and long term missing. He is an associate of the NCJTC and Amber Alert Technical Assistance. program bio too long, would not let me submit 11/21/16 Tanisha Knighton Knighton Consulting Group, LLC Tanisha Knighton is an independent consultant and national trainer with over 17 years of combined experience as a Social Worker with the Cuyahoga County Department of Children & Family Service and the Missing Persons Unit for the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department. Dr. Knighton creates curricula and provides training on a variety of topics which include enhancing group therapy strategies, working with sexual offenders, treating juvenile sexual offenders, working with victims of sexual abuse, sexting, teen sexuality, trauma and trauma bonds, missing persons, and human trafficking for a variety of agencies and national conferences. 31-Jan 1/23/17 Nichole Kroncke Macon County State's Attorney's Office Nichole Kroncke is the First Assistant to the Macon County State's Attorney in Decatur, Illinois. She has been a prosecutor for 19 years and has supervised cases involving female victims of violent crimes for 18 of those years. Ms. Kroncke has personally tried 71 jury trials, ten of which were First Degree Murders, including one capital case. Ms. Kroncke recently received an Award For Excellence from the Illinois Homicide Investigators Association for her work on the Lisa Cutler drowning case. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Julio Lara Homeland Security Investigations SA Lara has been a Special Agent with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) since February 2012. Since entering on duty as a special agent, SA Lara has been assigned to the HSI, Border Enforcement Security Taskforce, Human Smuggling / Human Trafficking investigative group in El Paso, Texas. SA Lara has successfully investigated and adjudicated drug smuggling conspiracies and alien smuggling conspiracies. SA Lara's main focus has been human trafficking investigations. Prior to being employed with HSI, SA Lara was employed as an Immigration Enforcement Agent with Immigration and Customs Enforcement since November 2007. Prior to SA Lara's career in law enforcement, he served in the U.S. Army. 31-Jan 2/1/17 Jordyn Lawson Genesis Women's Shelter & Support Jordyn is the Assistant Director of Clinical and Professional services at Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support and is a women and children's therapist. She has worked in the field of domestic violence recovery for over 10 years. During that time, Jordyn has provided individual and group counseling services to women, adolescent, and children victims of domestic violence. Jordyn has a passion for speaking in the community regarding dynamics of abuse, dynamics of power and control, and dispelling the myths of domestic violence and teen dating violence. 31-Jan 1/6/17 Timothy Lott SEARCH Timothy Lott is Director of the High-Tech Crime Training Services Program of SEARCH. He oversees a national program that provides expert technical assistance and training to local, state, and federal justice and public safety agencies on the role that digital evidence plays in criminal investigations. Mr. Lott teaches courses in digital forensics and mobile device investigations. Following more than six years in law enforcement working in probation, Mr. Lott joined SEARCH in 2010 as a Training Specialist; he was promoted to Director in 2011. He has widespread ICAC experience, and has helped conduct multijurisdictional investigations involving white-collar crime, organized crime, crimes against persons, and fraud when high-technology or identity theft is a factor. 31-Jan 1/6/17 Wanda Lucibello Safe Horizon Wanda Lucibello is the Associate Vice-President of the Crime Victim Assistance Program at Safe Horizon. She previously served as a career prosecutor in the Kings County District Attorney's Office in Brooklyn, New York as Chief of the Special Victims Division. She was instrumental in the establishment in Brooklyn of the first Family Justice Center in New York City. She has conducted training programs for police, prosecutors, and service providers in the investigation and prosecution of domestic violence cases, both locally and abroad. Ms. Lucibello was awarded the Sharon Corbitt award by the American Bar Association in 2015. She is an adjunct professor at the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law in New York City. 31-Jan 1/6/17 Cynthia Lynch Kings County District Attorney's Office Cynthia A. Lynch is an Assistant District Attorney for the Kings County District Attorney's Office in Brooklyn, New York, where she has been a prosecutor since 1990. She has served in a variety of prosecutorial positions. Currently, she is Counsel to the Domestic Violence Bureau, where she oversees the training program, supervises felony trial cases, and coordinates the legal internship program. Prior to this, as Senior Trial Attorney, for over 20 years she prosecuted Domestic Violence homicides, serious assaults, arsons, psychiatric defense cases, and cases involving Battering and Its Effects. Ms. Lynch has trained in the area of Domestic Violence prosecution at various law enforcement agencies, as well as at local and national conferences. too long, would not let me submit 11/21/16 Messina Madson Dallas County District Attorney's Office Messina Madson is the First Assistant of the Dallas County District Attorney's Office. As First Assistant, Ms. Madson oversees approximately 220 attorneys and nearly 500 total employees. Ms. Madson has served the citizens of Dallas County for the past decade. Prior to being appointed First Assistant, she served as Administrative Chief of the Misdemeanor Division and Deputy Chief of the Family Violence Division. During her tenure as a prosecutor, Ms. Madson has prosecuted a broad range of criminal cases including capital murders, murders, stalkings, and sexual assaults. Her work has earned her both a local and national reputation. In 2014, Ms. Madson was named the Dallas County Prosecutor of the Year. Her expertise in areas ranging from prosecuting cases without a victim to using experts in domestic violence cases has earned her both local and national reputation. 31-Jan 12/9/16 Molly Mangus New York City Mayor's Office to Combat Domestic Violence Molly Mangus is a Policy Advisor at the New York City Mayor's Office to Combat Domestic Violence (OCDV). In that role, she is OCDV's LGBTQ Liaison, Language Access Coordinator, and Disability Services Facilitator. Previously, she established the Self-Sufficiency and Economic Empowerment Programs at the Bronx and Manhattan Family Justice Centers, where she oversaw programming and trained community advocates on topics including economic empowerment, immigrant access to public benefits, and identity theft. Before joining OCDV, she worked at Safe Horizon, a large non-profit serving victims and survivors of crime. 31-Jan 1/12/17 Maggy McGiffert Institute on Domestic and Sexual Violence Maggy McGiffert has worked for 25 years serving survivors of family violence and sexual assault. She is currently Project Manager of Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault's Expert Witness program and CORSA project, developing training resources on sexual assault for system responders. Prior to IDVSA, she worked as a consultant for nonprofits and state agencies developing policy changes, training curricula, programmatic best practices and resources on survivors' rights. She has worked on criminal justice reform and survivors' rights in the areas of housing, economic justice, and in the child support and child protective systems. She has served in leadership positions at Texas Council on Family Violence, Austin's SafePlace and Boulder's Rape Crisis Center. 31-Jan 12/9/16 Kelsey McKay Consultant Kelsey McKay was a prosecutor in Travis County, Texas for twelve years. For six years, she exclusively prosecuted strangulation related crimes ranging from sexual assault to capital murder. She has worked to strengthen how communities collaborate, investigate, treat, and prosecute strangulation and intimate partner cases. She works to develop medical and non-medical experts in the community to testify to a jury regarding evidence in strangulation and family violence cases. She works with law enforcement to create and implement the use of a Strangulation Supplement, transforming the role of first responders to be more investigative by carrying her knowledge and needs as a prosecutor into the field on every case. She trains and consults nationally for communities working towards similar implementation. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Kirsta Melton Office of the Attorney General of Texas Kirsta Melton is the Deputy Criminal Chief of the Human Trafficking and Transnational/Organized Crime Section of the Office of the Texas Attorney General. From 2000-2014 she prosecuted in the Bexar County District Attorney's Office, combating human trafficking, physical and sexual abuse of children and family violence, and in 2012 helped establish and lead the Bexar County DA's Human Trafficking Unit. Melton also chaired the Alamo Area Coalition against Trafficking. She has trained more than 8,000 people across the state on human trafficking and has testified on multiple occasions before the Texas legislature on trafficking-related issues. Melton is also one of the founding members of Truckers Against Trafficking, a nationwide campaign dedicated to educating and mobilizing the trucking industry in the fight against human trafficking. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Michael Milnor Alta Vista Police Department Mike has been involved in law enforcement for 31 years and is currently the Chief of Police for Alta Vista, VA. Over the years he has worked in various positions which include Interim Sheriff, Director of Public Safety, Coordinator of an FBI/Virginia State Police multi-jurisdictional task force, Senior Supervisory Investigator, uniformed Deputy Sheriff and Polygraph Examiner. In addition to being involved in thousands of investigations, Mike has been a Professor of Criminal Justice at Liberty University and has lectured across the U.S. Mike also contributed to the development of Virginia's Model Law Enforcement Policy in Sexual Assault Investigation. In 2016, Mike was selected to the core faculty of the National Center for Campus Public Safety. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Janie Duke Mott SART of Comal County, SOW Healthy Coalition Janie Mott is the SANE coordinator for Central Texas Medical Center. She has 23 years of sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE)/Forensic nursing experience, including completing medical forensic exams on both adult and children and providing fact and expert witness testimony in the court of law. too long, would not let me submit 11/21/16 Natalie Nanasi SMU Dedman School of Law Natalie Nanasi is an Assistant Professor and the Director of the Judge Elmo B. Hunter Legal Center for Victims of Crimes Against Women at SMU Dedman School of Law. Professor Nanasi was previously the Director of the Domestic Violence Clinic at American University, Washington College of Law (WCL), where she supervised students' representation of survivors of intimate partner violence in family law and immigration matters. Before joining the faculty at WCL, Professor Nanasi was the Senior Immigration Attorney and Pro Bono Coordinator at the Tahirih Justice Center, where she represented immigrant women and girls fleeing human rights abuses such as female genital mutilation, domestic and sexual violence, forced marriage and honor crimes. She also served as counsel in the landmark asylum case of Matter of A-T- and as an Equal Justice Works Fellow, with a focus on the U visa. 31-Jan 12/15/16 Kevin Navarro Retired, Dallas Police Department Detective Navarro spent 31 years with the Dallas Police Department before retiring in 2012. In 1987, Detective Navarro joined the department's Crimes Against Persons Division where he investigated assaults and family violence. In 1989, he transferred to the Homicide Unit where he served for seven years. In this assignment, Detective Navarro was the lead detective on 108 homicide cases and successfully cleared 80 percent of those cases. In 2009, he partnered with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center to develop a unique training tool for criminal investigators called the 360 of interrogation and interviewed convicted killers and DPD Homicide Detectives regarding their interrogations. 31-Jan 1/12/17 Dana Nelson Texas Legal Services Center Dana represents victims of sexual assault in their civil legal cases across the state for the Texas Legal Services Center. She was a prosecutor in Travis County for 19 years, working at the misdemeanor and felony levels specializing in intimate partner violence prosecution, including sex crimes intake, for the District Attorney's Office. She authored "Family Violence Resource Notebook," published by the Texas District and County Attorney's Association in 2011. She served as course director for Family Violence Seminar and Advanced Trial Skills Course for TDCAA and speaks frequently. She served on the board of SafePlace for six years and was co-chair of the Travis County Family Violence Task Force. 2/1/17 Arlene O'Brien Southwest Center for Law & Policy Arlene O'Brien (Tohono O'odham Nation) is the Program Manager for the Southwest Center for Law and Policy and the co-creator of SAFESTAR. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Merry O'Brien Network for Victim Recovery of DC Merry O'Brien is Network for Victim Recovery of DC's Grant Administrator and Elder Justice Coordinator. In this role, she coordinates the District's Collaborative Training: Response to Older Victims (DC TROV) and the Identity Theft Assistance Project (ITAP). Previously, Ms. O'Brien coordinated the National Identity Theft Victims Assistance Network, supported by the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) at the U.S. Department of Justice. too long, would not let me submit 11/21/16 Nancy Oglesby Justice 3D As a career prosecutor, Nancy has handled thousands of domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault cases in her career. In addition, she has trained many professionals including prosecutors, law enforcement officers, advocates, medical professionals and forensic interviewers on the issues surrounding these types of crimes. She has had the opportunity to be appointed to state committees and task forces in these areas by three Virginia Governors. She also contributed to the development of Virginia's Model Law Enforcement Policy in both the areas of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. In 2016, Nancy started Justice3D, a training company for prosecutors and law enforcement. Nancy was given the Virginia S. Duvall Distinguished Juvenile and Domestic Court Prosecutor award for 2011. She was also recognized in 2012 as the Outstanding Woman of the Year in the area of Law and Government by the Richmond YWCA. 31-Jan 12/9/16 Erica Olsen National Network to End Domestic Violence Erica is a Deputy Director of the Safety Net Project at the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV). Since joining NNEDV in 2007, Erica has advocated on behalf of survivors of intimate partner violence by educating victim service providers, policy makers, and technology companies on issues of technology abuse, privacy, and victim safety. She has provided trainings to technologists, attorneys, law enforcement, victim advocates, and other practitioners in the United States and internationally. Erica works with private industry, state, and federal agencies and international groups to improve safety and privacy for victims in this digital age. She has contributed to Congressional testimony, administrative regulatory comments, and participates on several task forces and committees that address privacy, technology, and safety. 31-Jan 1/23/17 Hillary Owen Highland Park United Methodist Church Hillary has over ten years of ministry experience, including youth ministry, sexual education, and family violence. As the Director of Restoration Ministries at Highland Park UMC, she has developed a ministry for survivors of abuse to receive trauma therapy, victim advocacy, and spiritual direction through a church. Hillary has worked closely with Genesis Women's Shelter & Support to create the Faith Community Coalition, whose purpose is to unite and equip faith communities to respond to family violence. 31-Jan 12/1/16 Gus Paidousis Consultant Chief Paidousis is currently the Chief of Security for Knox County schools in Knoxville ,TN. Prior to joining the school district, Chief Paidousis served the Knoxville Police Dept. for over 31 years and retired as a Deputy Chief. Gus has served in multiple roles in his career including patrol and training director, and has commanded the Patrol and Investigative Division as well as serving on the Special Operations Squad for 11 years. 10-Feb Alejandro Palacios National Network to End Domestic Violence Alejandro Palacios is a Technology Safety Specialist with the National Network to End Domestic Violence. He previously worked as a trainer with the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence. Alejandro began his career in domestic violence advocacy as a volunteer for De Colores Domestic Violence Shelter, which serves primarily monolingual Spanish speaking survivors of domestic violence. Alejandro was the first male advocate at De Colores in 25 years. too long, would not let me submit 11/21/16 Carrie Paschall Dallas Children's Advocacy Center Carrie Paschall is currently the Director of Forensic Services for the Dallas Children's Advocacy Center. Previously, she was with the Tarrant County District Attorney's office as the Child Forensic Interviewer for the Crimes Against Children Unit since March of 2000. As a child interviewer, Carrie assisted law enforcement officials by conducting video recorded forensic interviews of children in cases where the child is alleged to have been the victim of or witness to child abuse and other violent crimes. Carrie also occasionally assisted prosecutors in preparing children for court and preparing cross examination of defense experts in the field of child forensic interviewing and sexual abuse dynamics and disclosure. Carrie is often called upon by prosecutors to testify as an expert witness in forensic interviews of children in both civil and criminal cases. Carrie has testified in numerous criminal and civil trials in both juvenile and district court in Texas, and in other states. 31-Jan 12/1/16 Cara Pierce United States Attorney's Office Cara Foos Pierce has worked at the US Attorney's Office in Dallas, Texas since 2008. She has served as the Human Trafficking Coordinator for four years and has prosecuted over forty sex traffickers in Dallas and Fort Worth to date, including several human trafficking criminal organizations. Ms. Pierce regularly presents on human trafficking and the role of gangs in sex trafficking. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Sheilah Priori Baylor Scott & White Hospital Sheilah Priori is the Sexual Assault Medical Management Program Manager at CRDAMC's Emergency Department on Fort Hood, Texas. The Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examiner (SAMFE) program started in 2014 and is one of many established programs throughout the military. The SAMFE team is comprised of physicians and registered nurses specially trained to provide comprehensive care to active duty service members and beneficiaries seeking medical assistance. Ms. Priori has 12 years' experience as a forensic nurse and has conducted over a thousand sexual assault examinations and testified as an expert witness in several of those cases. She has presented cases throughout the state and is an adjunct faculty preceptor for the Army Medical Department's Center & School SAMFE training. program bio too long, would not let me submit 11/21/16 Diane Reeve The Turning Point Board of Directors Diane Reeve is the 7th degree black belt owner of a martial arts school. She has dedicated most of her career to women's empowerment. As a result of acquiring HIV from her partner of 4 1/2 years, she assisted both law enforcement and prosecutors in providing evidence to successfully convict her perpetrator (who also transmitted to multiple other women). She appeared on both 20/20 and Oprah, and received the Paul S.Chapman award from the Foundation for the Improvement of Justice for her work. She is a popular keynote speaker with a focus on courage and empowerment. Her website, illustrates how women can protect themselves physically, emotionally and sexually while dating. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Elaina Roberts Stalking Resource Center Elaina Roberts is the Legal Director for the Stalking Resource Center (SRC) at the National Center for Victims of Crime in Washington, D.C. Elaina provides technical assistance and training on all aspects of stalking to judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, victim service providers, and other allied professionals. She also conducts legal research and provides analyses on state and federal stalking laws, case law, and legislation. Prior to joining the SRC, Elaina was an Assistant District Attorney in Albuquerque, NM where she prosecuted cases in the Violent Crimes, Community Crimes, and Metro Divisions with the majority of her case load consisting of domestic violence cases, many of which involved stalking behaviors. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Leah Rogers Sex Trafficking Institute, LLC Leah Rogers is a Sex Trafficking Survivor, Advocate, Mentor, Speaker & Author of Game Over; The Story Behind A Sex Trafficking Victim. Leah worked as a prostitute and 'bottom girl' throughout the U.S. for almost three years, while being brutally beaten by her pimp even after she became pregnant with his son. She's known for sharing her testimonial video on social media, which sky rocketed to just under 7,000,000 views on Facebook. She continues to create content to bring awareness in creative ways and has recently founded her own non-profit, Help Her Stand, which assists victims of trafficking transition back into society with confidence. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Jennifer Romero FBI - El Paso Field Office Jennifer Romero began her career in victim services at the Ana County Sheriff's Department in Las Cruces, NM and entered on duty with the FBI in 2002. Her service area includes El Paso and the Midland resident agency, covering 17 counties in West Texas. Victim Specialist Romero is assigned to the Violent Crime Squad of the FBI and has served as a member of the Victim Assistance Rapid Deployment Team, El Paso Crisis Negotiation Team, and Coordinator of the El Paso Human Trafficking Task Force. Her areas of focus include human trafficking, violent crimes against children, and other violent offenses including mass casualty events. 10-Feb 11/21/16 Robin Runge The George Washington University Law School Robin Runge is an associate professorial lecturer at The George Washington University Law School, where she has taught Public Interest Lawyering and Domestic Violence Law since 2004. Since 2003, she has been a consultant on violence against women issues, including curricula development in China from 2010-2014. Previously, she was an assistant professor at the University of North Dakota School of Law, has directed the American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence, and was Deputy Director and Coordinator of the Program on Women's Employment Rights at the D.C. Employment Justice Center. Robin created the Domestic Violence and Employment Project at the Legal Aid Society of San Francisco, one of the first programs in the country devoted exclusively to advocating for the employment rights of victims. 31-Jan 12/1/16 Jessica Salsbury U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Jessica Salsbury is a Policy Analyst with the Office of Policy and Strategy, Family Immigration and Victim Protection Division, in the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Ms. Salsbury works on the VAWA, U- and T-nonimmigrant status portfolio and manages policy development and implementation of immigration relief for victims of qualifying crimes through the U nonimmigrant status. Prior to joining USCIS, Ms. Salsbury represented victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking through positions at the Tahirih Justice Center in Falls Church, VA and CASA de Maryland. 31-Jan 12/9/16 Tiana Sanford Montgomery County District Attorney's Office Tiana Jean Sanford is a licensed attorney and serves as a Chief Prosecutor in Montgomery County, where she is currently assigned to the Public Integrity Division and leads a team comprised of prosecutors, investigators, and support staff. Ms. Sanford has been assigned to multiple divisions within the District Attorney's office, where she has worked on a variety of cases including sexual assault, domestic violence, and homicide. In addition to her traditional prosecutorial duties, Ms. Sanford is also the legislative liaison for the District Attorney's Office and coordinates the office's community based prosecution efforts. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Jordan Satinsky Montgomery County Police Department Lieutenant Jordan Satinsky is a seventeen-year veteran of law enforcement. He currently works for the Montgomery County Police Department. Lt. Satinsky has worked as an investigative supervisor in the Sex Assault Unit and the Domestic Violence/Elder Abuse Unit. Hewas responsible for integrating the county police into the Sheriff Department's Family Justice Center. As an investigator, Lt. Satinsky worked in the Homicide/Sex unit, Child Sex Abuse Unit, and a District Investigative Unit. He teaches at various police academies and has presented at several national conferences. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Cliff Self Mario County Sheriff's Office Deputy Cliff Self has been employed by the Marion County Sheriff's Office, Oregon since 2008. There, he has been assigned duties in patrol, as a municipal contract deputy, and currently as a part of the multi-agency Mobile Crisis Response Team, where he has worked since its inception. He has been an active member of the Peer Support Team since his officer-involved shooting in April, 2013. Deputy Self previously worked as a firefighter/E.M.T.-Intermediate, a freelance photojournalist, and on a medical response team at motocross events. He presents classes around Oregon on Emotional Survival, Crisis Intervention and various facets of mental health as it relates to law enforcement, as well as the nationally regarded Mobile Crisis Response Team. too long, would not let me submit 11/21/16 Kenneth Shultz High Point, NC Police Dept. Chief Kenneth Shultz has been a sworn officer with the High Point Police Department for over 26 years and has served in multiple capacities throughout the agency during his tenure. As Assistant Chief, he rotated through as Commander of all three divisions within the department and actively participated in High Point's focused deterrence efforts. His prior responsibilities also included oversight of much of the department's critical incident responses and emergency management functions. He was a member of the department's Tactical Team for 20 years, and served for eight years as the Team Commander. His prior assignments also included service as a detective in the Vice Narcotics Unit and as a canine handler while on Patrol. Throughout his career at High Point, Chief Shultz has worked on overall policy development, planning and operations of the police department. He has worked with the community on efforts such as the development of the Victim's Justice Center and through partnerships with service agencies such as Alcohol Drug Services and Caring Services. 31-Jan 12/9/16 Lawrence Simon LJS Training and Consulting Group Lawrence Simon has served in various capacities as a consultant and has been utilized on task forces, including bizarre sex crimes, cold case sexual assault,s and high profile serial homicides. Dr. Simon's experience comes from his post-secondary educational background and credentials, hands-on investigative research, and years of practice trudging through the dark minds of the most unusual, violent, and deranged individuals. 31-Jan 1/12/17 Jaime Slaughter Self-Employed Jaime Slaughter became a member of the Texas State Bar in 1995, practiced Environmental and Public Utility Law until 2004 and then served as a felony prosecutor in Austin, Texas until 2016, where he prosecuted a broad range of felony offenses. Mr. Slaughter has also been a Licensed Paramedic in Texas for more than 15 years and currently uses that knowledge and experience serving in the Texas State Guard, Medical Brigade. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Clinton Smith FBI SA Smith entered on duty in the FBI in July 2012. Following the FBI academy, SA Smith's first assignment was to the El Paso Field Office's Violent Crime/Major Offense Squad (VCMO). On the VCMO squad, SA Smith investigated federal crimes ranging from bank robberies and extortions to violent crimes and crimes against children. However, his primary focus was to investigate human trafficking and crimes against children. After just under three years in El Paso, SA Smith was reassigned to the Phoenix Division, Yuma Resident agency where he presently investigates crimes against children and gang investigations. Prior to joining the FBI, SA Smith spent 10 years in the Marine Corps as an intelligence officer. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Lisa Smith Lisa C Smith Esq. Professor Lisa Smith was previously the Director of Judicial and Criminal Externships at Brooklyn Law School. She also taught the Brooklyn Law School Prosecutors Clinic in which students work on domestic violence, child abuse and quality of life crimes. Ms. Smith served as the Chief of the Special Victims Bureau in the Office of the Kings County District Attorney in Brooklyn, New York. She is a member of the ABA Commission on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. She has worked on numerous innovative projects in the field of gender violence and has appeared in the media and as a television commentator in the areas of sexual assault and domestic violence. Ms. Smith has worked extensively in the area of Title IX and campus sexual assault. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Bill Smock Louisville Metro Police Department Dr. Bill Smock is the Police Surgeon and directs the Clinical Forensic Medicine Program for the Louisville Metro Police Department. Dr. Smock is a Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Louisville School of Medicine and Chair of the Institute on Strangulation Prevention's National Medical Advisory Committee. He has edited three textbooks on clinical forensic medicine and published more than 30 chapters and articles on forensic and emergency medicine. He is an internationally recognized forensic expert and trains nurses, physicians, law enforcement officers and attorneys in multiple fields, including officer-involved shootings, strangulation, gunshot wounds, injury mechanisms and motor vehicle trauma. 31-Jan 12/15/16 Joy Solomon The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Center for Elder Abuse Prevention at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale Joy Solomon is Director and Managing Attorney of The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Center for Elder Abuse Prevention at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale, the nation's first shelter for elder abuse victims. Joy co-founded The Weinberg Center in 2004, and has since provided expert consultation and support in the replication of the shelter model. She spearheaded the formation of the SPRiNG Alliance, a national network of elder abuse shelters. Joy is a frequent speaker on the issue of elder justice and has designed and provided extensive outreach and training to multi-disciplinary professionals. She was previously Director of Elder Abuse Services at the Pace Women's Justice Center and an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan. Joy is a certified yoga instructor and breathing teacher. too long, would not let me submit N/A Leslie Morgan Steiner Author At 22, Leslie Morgan Steiner seemed to have it all: a Harvard diploma, a glamorous job at Seventeen magazine, a funky New York City apartment. Plus a handsome, funny, street-smart boyfriend who adored her. But behind a façade of success, this golden girl hid a dark secret. She’d made a mistake shared by millions: she fell in love with the wrong person. Gripping and utterly compelling, New York Times bestseller and TED Talk Crazy Love takes you inside the violent, devastating world of abusive love. Leslie Morgan Steiner is an author, blogger and public speaker on violence against women and other issues including motherhood, parenting and infertility. She lives in Washington, D.C. Her 2009 memoir about surviving domestic violence, Crazy Love, was a New York Times Best Seller, People Pick, Book of the Week for The Week magazine, and subject of the first TED Talk by a domestic violence survivor. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Russell Strand Strand & Heitman Innovative Forensic Techniques (SHIFT) LLC Russell Strand is an independent consultant, educator and presenter. He is a retired U.S. Army CID Federal Special Agent and retired Chief of the Behavioral Sciences Education & Training Division, U.S. Army Military Police School with an excess of 40 year's law enforcement, investigative, and consultation experience. Mr. Strand is an internationally recognized expert in the areas of domestic violence intervention, critical incident peer support, sexual assault, human trafficking, and child abuse investigations. Mr. Strand has been inducted in the U.S. Army Military Police Hall of Fame. He was selected by the Secretary of Defense to serve as the only DoD civil service employee on the Congressionally-mandated Response Systems to Adult Sexual Assault as a member of the Comparative Systems Subcommittee. 10-Feb Corbin Streett National Network to End Domestic Violence No bio on website. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Bridgette Stumpf Network for Victim Recovery of DC Bridgette Stumpf, Esq. is Co-Executive Director of NVRDC, a position she has held since co-founding the organization in 2012. As part of this role, Ms. Harwood developed and directs the Legal Services Programs at NVRDC, which offers assistance to victims of all crime types in asserting their rights throughout the criminal justice process; civil legal assistance to survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking in DC Superior Court; and representation to college campus survivors through administrative judicial hearings, appeals, and formal complaints to the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights for Title IX violations. Additionally, Ms. Harwood is an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland University College, where she teaches Victimology and Criminal Law in Action for the Criminal Justice Department. 31-Jan 12/22/16 Omar Suleiman Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research Imam Omar Suleiman is the Founder and President of the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research and an Adjunct Professor of Islamic Studies in the Graduate Liberal Studies Program at SMU (Southern Methodist University). He is also the Resident Scholar at the Valley Ranch Islamic Center and Co-Chair of Faith Forward Dallas at Thanks-Giving Square. 31-Jan 1/6/17 Caitlin Sulley Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Caitlin Sulley is Director of the Sexual Assault Research Portfolio and Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault at The University of Texas at Austin, School of Social Work. She currently oversees research and training initiatives focused on institutional response to sexual assault, victim-centered practices, gender-based violence among college populations, and victim engagement in the criminal justice system. She has served survivors of sexual assault and family violence in law enforcement and community-based settings. 31-Jan 12/1/16 Kaitlin Sullivan Facebook Kaitlin Sullivan is a manager on the Content Policy team at Facebook, where she focuses on issues of safety and free expression. Prior to joining Facebook, she worked as a rape crisis advocate and educator at the YWCA of Silicon Valley. too long, would not let me submit 11/21/16 Jon Sundermeier Lincoln Police Department, Lincoln, NE Jon Sundermeier is a captain on the Lincoln Police Department who spent 8 years as the commanding officer of the Criminal Investigations Unit, which investigates all felony crime in Lincoln, Nebraska. In this role, he had oversight for the department's response to both domestic violence and sexual assault. Cpt. Sundermeier has been in law enforcement for 30 years and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and the International Association of Chiefs of Police Leadership program. He has conducted training for the last 15 years with a focus on statement analysis, sexual assault investigation, interviewing, threat management, and leadership. He is vice president of the board for Voices of Hope, Lincoln's domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy agency, and chairs the Lincoln Threat Advisory Team, working on high risk threat management cases including stalking and intimate partner violence. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Jim Tanner KBSolutions Jim Tanner has 46 years' experience working with sex offenders. He is a nationally recognized and court qualified expert on sex offenders, grooming, and digital sexual behavior. A sought after presenter, he provides training for ICAC, NLECTC, USDOJ, HTCIA, ATSA, US Courts, and numerous other 'alphabet agencies' each year. He has trained federal, state and local officers in all 50 states and five foreign countries. He is sworn staff in Colorado and serves as the forensic examiner for the 20th Judicial District Probation Department. 31-Jan 12/22/16 Lisa Tanner Texas Office of the Attorney General Lisa Tanner is a career prosecutor with over 25 years of felony experience. She is an Assistant Attorney General in the Texas Attorney General's Criminal Prosecutions Division. She is Chief of both the Violent Crimes & Major Offenders Section and the Cyber Crimes & Child Protection Section of that division. As such, she prosecutes complex cases across Texas in which local prosecutors must be recused or require assistance and additional expertise. She specializes in the investigation and prosecution of capital murder cases (particularly cold cases), child abuse and sexual assault cases, and other violent crimes, with emphasis on the forensic aspects of those cases. 31-Jan 12/1/16 Jessica Trevizo Dallas County District Attorney's Office Jessica Trevizo has been a prosecutor in Dallas County for five years. She has prosecuted a variety of domestic violence cases including assault, strangulation, and murder. Jessica has overseen the Misdemeanor Family Violence Division, where she educated young prosecutors on the importance of prosecuting domestic violence cases. She regularly trains prosecutors, the community, and law enforcement on the prosecution of strangulation cases. 31-Jan 12/15/16 Veronique Valliere Valliere & Counseling Associates, Inc. Dr. Valliere has over 25 years experience and has worked treating and evaluating violent offenders and their victims, including sexual offenders and violent offenders. She is currently the owner and director of two outpatient treatment centers: an outpatient treatment center for mental health and victim issues and an outpatient violent offender treatment program. She has published on the treatment of sexual offenders and presented on the same at international, national, and local sexual offender conferences. She has trained for the FBI, DOJ, military, and other countries. She is recognized as an expert and has testified nationally and internationally. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Gabriela Vega Equal Justice Center Gabriela Vega is an attorney with the Equal Justice Center, a non-profit law firm dedicated to enforcing the employment rights of low-wage workers regardless of immigration status. She is currently leading a new legal services project focused on combating workplace sexual violence and the adverse effects that sexual violence can have on survivors' economic independence. Prior to joining the Equal Justice Center, Gabriela Vega worked as a litigation associate with the international law firm Baker Botts L.L.P. in Houston and Dallas, Texas. She also served as a federal judicial clerk in Brownsville, Texas. 31-Jan 1/6/17 Lauren Wagner SEARCH Lauren Wagner is a High-Tech Crime Training Specialist in the High-Tech Crime Training Services department of SEARCH, where she performs tasks related to training local, state, and federal agencies on computer technology issues with criminal justice applications. She is a recognized national expert on the role that social networking websites can play in law enforcement investigations and has authored numerous white papers for investigators. Ms. Wagner routinely provides technical assistance to law enforcement agencies in active cases. She prepares training materials, teaches SEARCH investigative courses and speaks at conferences throughout the U.S. Ms. Wagner is an ICI certified instructor and received a 2009 "Excellence in Training" award from California POST. 31-Jan 12/9/16 Jennifer Waindle DeKalb County State Court Probation Jennifer Waindle is a Supervisor for DeKalb County State Court Probation. She is responsible for overseeing the policies and practices of Intensive Supervision for Domestic Violence probationers, a specialized unit that works from a systems perspective to enhance victim safety and defendant accountability. Ms. Waindle conducts trainings for various agencies across Georgia. She has designed and implemented policies and procedures regarding the monitoring of high risk domestic violence probationers for line officers and has mentored other probation agencies in Georgia. In 2014, she implemented the first formal firearms protocol in the State of Georgia on a misdemeanor level aimed at retrieving firearms from probationers and enforcing the federal firearms ban for persons convicted of family violence offenses. 31-Jan 1/12/17 Jim Walters AMBER Alert Training & Technical Assistance Program Jim Walters is the Program Administrator for the AMBER Alert Training and Technical Assistance Program. He has over 35 years of diversified experience as a peace officer, Assistant Chief and Director of the SMU Public Safety Training Center, USAF Security Forces Supervisor, technical training instructor, program manager, investigator, special weapons and tactics team leader, and Regional SWAT Commander. Mr. Walters has published articles and research related to human trafficking, child exploitation, and victimization in the US southern border region and Central America. He is a nationally and internationally accredited subject matter expert and master training instructor. 2/1/17 Hallie Bongar White Southwest Center for Law & Policy Hallie Bongar White is an attorney and the Director of the Southwest Center for Law and Policy, a U.S. Department of Justice Tribal Training and Technical Assistance Provider. She is the co-founder of SAFESTAR and the founder and director of the National Tribal Trial College and the National Indian Country Clearinghouse on Sexual Assault. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Robert Wile Amesbury Police Department Robert Wile is a detective with the Amesbury Police Department in Massachusetts. He has been a detective in the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Unit since 1998. Additionally, he trains law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, probation officers and victim service providers to enable them to identify high-risk domestic violence cases and to establish multi-disciplinary teams in order to decrease lethality by working collaboratively to enhance victim services and improve containment efforts. Robert is a member of the Greater Newburyport High Risk Domestic Team and is on the Board of Directors of the Pettengill House. He was awarded "Community Hero of the Year" in 2006 by the Jeanne Geiger Family Crisis Center. 31-Jan 12/15/16 John Wilkinson AEquitas Prior to joining AEquitas as an Attorney Advisor, John was the Program Manager for the Gun Violence Prosecution Program, Homeland Security Program, and Southwest Border Crime Program of the National District Attorneys Association. From 1998 through 2005, John served as an Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney in Fredericksburg, VA, prosecuting cases involving intimate partner violence and sexual assault, including cases of campus sexual assaults and domestic violence homicide. He also served on the Fredericksburg Area Sexual Assault Response Team and prosecuted child sexual and physical abuse and neglect cases and infant homicides. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Peggy Wright Fort Bend Women's Center Peggy Wright has worked with victims of abuse for over eighteen years. Additionally, she facilitated batterer's groups for 10 years and child witness groups for 3 years. Currently, she is the Counseling Supervisor at Fort Bend Women's Center. Peggy has given presentations on the Dynamics of Domestic Violence to numerous civic and law enforcement organizations, schools, churches, and other groups. She has served as an expert witness in many abuse-related cases. 31-Jan 12/9/16 Mark Wynn Consultant Mark Wynn has been a national trainer for over 30 years. He is a survivor, enabling him to teach effectively and passionately. Mark is a police officer, detective, educator, program supervisor, and now consultant and advisor. He is a 21-year member of the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department, where he served as Lieutenant to the Domestic Violence Division, and a member of the SWAT Team for 15 years. 31-Jan 11/21/16 Mark Yarbrough Self Mark Yarbrough was elected to five terms as the Lamb County & District Attorney, prosecuting everything from death penalty cases to DWIs. During his tenure, in 2002, he was awarded the M.A.D.D. regional prosecutor of the year. At the end of 2012, Mark retired as District Attorney and now travels the country giving motivational speeches regarding Burnout. He has also written and been published on the subject of Burnout. 31-Jan 1/12/17 Andrea Zaferes TeamLGS/DCME Andrea is a noted innovator in aquatic death investigation procedures. She has been teaching dive teams worldwide how to recover submerged bodies and evidence since 1987, is the NYS DCJS Aquatic Death Investigation Instructor, and co-founded nonprofit RIPTIDE to assist law enforcement with aquatic investigations. She performs pro-bono work, including serving as a water-related case consultant for the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children. She is a medicolegal death investigator with Dutchess County M.E.'s Office, has over 100 publications of articles and books, has presented at over 75 forensic and 150 rescue/diving conferences, serves as an expert witness for aquatic accidents and deaths, conducts research on aquatic deaths, and has received acknowledgements such as the DAN-Rolex and the Beneath-The-Sea Diver of the Year Awards.

Palacios, Alejandro