Andrea Zaferes

Team Lifeguard Systems/ DCME

Andrea is a noted innovator in aquatic death investigation procedures. She has been teaching dive teams worldwide how to recover submerged bodies and evidence since 1987, is the NYS DCJS Aquatic Death Investigation Instructor, and co-founded nonprofit RIPTIDE to assist law enforcement with aquatic investigations. She performs pro-bono work, including serving as a water-related case consultant for the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children. She is a medicolegal death investigator with Dutchess County M.E.'s Office, has over 100 publications of articles and books, has presented at over 75 forensic and 150 rescue/diving conferences, serves as an expert witness for aquatic accidents and deaths, conducts research on aquatic deaths, and has received acknowledgements such as the DAN-Rolex and the Beneath-The-Sea Diver of the Year Awards.