Nancy Oglesby

Justice 3D

As a career prosecutor, Nancy has handled thousands of domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault cases in her career. In addition, she has trained many professionals including prosecutors, law enforcement officers, advocates, medical professionals and forensic interviewers on the issues surrounding these types of crimes. She has had the opportunity to be appointed to state committees and task forces in these areas by three Virginia Governors. She also contributed to the development of Virginia's Model Law Enforcement Policy in both the areas of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. In 2016, Nancy started Justice3D, a training company for prosecutors and law enforcement. Nancy was given the Virginia S. Duvall Distinguished Juvenile and Domestic Court Prosecutor award for 2011. She was also recognized in 2012 as the Outstanding Woman of the Year in the area of Law and Government by the Richmond YWCA.

Oglesby, Nancy